DanielleDanielle Flocco has managed PROJECT2GETHER documentary and multimedia productions for the last 3 years. Danielle has a MBA from Rutgers University in New Jersey.


MeInspired by 2011 TED Prize Winner, JR’s street art projects, Tim Ferriss’ experiments in lifestyle design, John Maeda’s laws of simplicity, Banksy’s raw graffiti art challenging human beliefs and values, a Georgetown University graduate with a master’s degree in Journalism wishes to bring people together to think outside the box. Moved by people fighting to make a difference and make something better, Doneliya Deneva (Dolly) hopes to make others feel the way she does when dreaming of a better future for everyone. A better future where we can find answers, move things forward and improve reality. Where we can fight unfairness, understand ourselves and accept others. Through storytelling and indulging in art, science, and inspiring lifestyle we are able to unlocking our true potential. Dolly’s wish is to discover a life where dreams come true. Because everything we can think of is possible. Because TOGETHER we can make our dreams reality. The future is ours.


PROJECT2GETHER is the project the 1900’s mustaches.

mustache 1

“When you mix Einstein’s  E = mc2 with Dalí’s melting pocket watch, you end up with a genius mustache” — PROJECT2GETHER. 


PROJECT2GETHER LLC is a documentary and multimedia production company. It is a global project aiming to bring people together to make a change for the better through storytelling, sharing ideas outside the box and getting involved with creative projects related to art, science and lifestyle.