Artsy Provides Unique Tools and Free Educational Resources for Art Lovers

I’ve recently discovered a great new online resource for art collecting, providing unique tools for educational purposes. Artsy’s  mission is to make the world’s art accessible to anyone via the Internet by building the largest public database of art. Artsy features great artists (such as Francis Bacon and Salvador Dali, to name a few) and exhibitions from across the world. To achieves its goal, in 2014, Artsy collected 8, 369 gallery shows and 80, 000 artworks available for sale, making it easier to buy art from galleries and auctions. Artsy has accumulated over 230, 000 great art pieces in their educational database. Artsy arranges its collections in alphabetical order, so it’s easier and fun for the users to find and search for their favorite art. Artsy’s elegant Web site design and friendly staff attitude attracted 400 museums and institutions (such as the Van Gogh museum and L.A. Louver gallery) that shared their exhibitions and collections.

Artsy has a new page dedicated to the semi-anonymous street artist JR and his art projects, including JR’s bio, over 50 of his works, and up-to-date listings of his exhibitions. The Web site also provides an exclusive look at JR’s studio as a part of their Inside the Studio series. Check out Artsy’s art collection and JR’s page.

JR 2

It’s always nice to meet like-minded people like Gabriel Breen who works at Artsy and get inspired by his burning desire to make the world a better place through art and providing free resource and education to anyone willing to learn and indulge in the beauty of art. As JR encourages us to use “art to turn the world inside out,” let’s take a moment to create our own art whether in a form of a though or actual expression and decide what’s important for us.

JR 1


JR 4

Dali 140-06-10/58

Dali 4

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