PROJECT2GETHER is a platform designed to bring people together and explore our imagination with the ultimate goal to make the world a better place. We  invite creative minds to share ideas outside the box and get involved with projects related to art, science and inspiring lifestyles. And most importantly, here at PROJECT2GETHER, we want to emphasize on the importance of having fun.

Our goal is to publish selected creative and innovative works into print publications, such as books and magazines. We also wish to share ideas by printing fun and cool T-shirts and by holding exhibitions of some of our art projects. However, at the moment we need your help to generate ideas and projects “outside the box” and inspire others. We want to spread our enthusiasm like a virus and become participants of executing peoples’ dreams of a brighter and smarter future for everyone. We are not certain where this project will lead us but we certainly don’t want to set limits. We are open to the endless possibilities our project emanates and we believe that our insightful members will lead us to the places we need to go. WE PULL THE TRIGGER, YOU FIRE THE GUN. Let’s THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX.

How do I join PROJECT2GETHER and share my ideas, contributions and stories?

Registered Users/Members can get involved by (1) contributing to an ongoing project, (2) submitting an article/story to one of our 3 categories (ART, SCIENCE, LIFESTYLE), (3) creating a discussion group within our platform related to ongoing projects listed on our website or other topics related to the theme of our platform, or (4) simply sharing a creative idea for a project related to our mission.

There are two ways to get involved with our project:

I. Get involved with our ongoing projects by registering as an user/member:

  1. From Home Page, click on Sign Up Now to (1) contribute to an ongoing project, (2) submit a post (relevant article or your own research/story) to one of our categories (ART, SCIENCE, or LIFESTYLE) (3) creating a discussion group within our platform related to projects or other topics related to the theme of our platform, or (4) share your idea for an inspiring project.
  2. Register as an user
  3. Submit your Contribution (Follow the Registered User Guidelines below)
  4. Registered users are free to make contributions to any of our 3 categories (ART, SCIENCE, LIFESTYLE) or ongoing projects. However, if a story, project, or discussion group that appears on our website doesn’t relate to the theme of our platform, our editorial team reserves the right to delete the content and/or the user. We wish to keep involvement relevant to the goal of our project and prevent spam entries.

II.    Get involved by submitting your ideas/contributions via email: or phone: 202-725-2052.

III.   Get involved via our Contact Page:

  1. From Home Page, click on Contact
  2. Fill out our contact form
  3. Provide your name and email, and share your idea or contribution to a project in the Content box. We’ll get right back to you. 

Contests and Voting Options at PROJECT2GETHER 

Our platform provides the option to vote for articles or project submissions from members. In the near future, we will have monthly contests for best contribution to projects on our website, where the winner (one of our members) will receive a reward, such as a free T-shirt. To vote for a project submission or an article, click on the little thumbs up icon in green on the bottom of the article/project after Share Project2Gether.

May I suggest an idea for a larger scale project?

Yes. If you would like to share an idea for a larger scale project related to the theme of our platform, send an email directly to our editors at (1) provide a short title for the project, 2) describe how you would execute your idea, what you would need to make it happen, and what are the benefits of this project, and 3) provide your contact information. If you idea is approved, leave it to us to find resources and funding to execute your idea. Once your project idea is approved your name will appear on the page as the project creator. And if you do not wish to reveal your name, then just let us know.

Do I get paid for my contributions?

At the moment, we will not pay for user contributions. However, our goal is to fund some of our larger projects in the future, and at that time, we will solicit interested registered users to get involved with projects and receive pay. In addition, if your work is selected for publication, you will receive credit for your contributions and a free copy of the publication where your work appeared.

Who owns the copyright of my ideas/contributions/stories that I submit to PROJECT2GETHER?

Registered users preserve their copyrights to all of their submissions, however, PROJECT2GETHER shares copyright with the registered users. In the future, if your work is selected for a publication or an exhibition with PROJECT2GETHER, your name will appear as a contributor to the project at hand. If your work is approved and it appears on our website, then we assume that you understand the terms of use for our website and you are willing to have your work published. Only registered users who share their full identity on our registration page will receive credits for their contributions. If the story/contribution submitted on our website is not your own work, then we require users to site the original source.  Read our Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, and Copyright sections prior to registering on our website.

Registered User Guidelines

Once you have registered as an user:

To make a contribution to one of our projects or share an article/story to one of our 3 categories (ART, SCIENCE, LIFESTYLE):

  1. From the Dashboard on top left, click on New Posts
  2. Click on Add New
  3. Enter Title and Content relevant to a project/category (if the submission is not your own work, make sure you site the original source)
  4. Add pictures, if applicable (click on button under title, Add Media/Upload Files)
  5. Select Project/Category for your contribution (See Projects/Categories on the right hand side)
  6. You may also set a featured image for your contribution (see Featured Image on the bottom right)
  7. Publish (press button on top right hand side)
  8. Don’t forget to HAVE FUN and come back again :)

To meet other members and create a discussion group related to one of our projects or a topic related to the theme of our platform:

  1. From the Home page, go to Members.
  2. Click on Groups.
  3. Click on Create a Group or Join Group.
  4. You may also send Friendship Request to other members (Click on Members and Add Friend)
  5. Dont forget to HAVE FUN and come back again :)